Vermont Fiber Farmers

What Makes Vermont Fiber Farmer's Directory Different than other?

1. It is totally, completely free.

2. Free micron counts for all members.

3. All inclusive.  No matter the fiber or if it is a main product or by-product for you,

No matter the grade of the fiber (All fiber has value!)

4. Founded and  run by one person, that means no delays in additions, corrections, 

etc. to the directories.

5. No Competition. We are a community of Farmers, this site is made in that spirit,

"We are community, Not competition."

How to get your free micron count(s)

Each sample must be; 

Individually packaged with the name of the animal on it.

A sample should be collected from each area, ie: Britch, Sides, Neck.

A sample should be a good 'pinch' worth of each area.

You can fold the different area samples into a piece of paper, labeling each fold, 

and place it in a baggie or envelop.

You can send multiple animal samples this way.

Include your name, email address where I can send your results 

(or a self addressed stamped envelop if you need them snail-mailed)

Package them all up and send them to;

Shiloh the Serendipitous Shepherdess

1169 Grafton rd.

Townshend Vt. 05353

Samples will not be returned.