Vermont Fiber Farmers

Too Fewe Farm

 Paul and Melissa Perley

Preferred method of contact: email or phone

452 Brookfield Rd Berlin VT

[email protected]

Beautiful Wool Blankets

We have our wool made into wool blankets and throws and sell it, as well as our yarn, locally and on our Etsy site globally.

Too Fewe Farm: A Passion & A Purpose

Two Fewe Farm began in 2018 to fulfill our family's desire to utilize our land in a more productive way. Our motto is "A passion and a purpose," and everything on our farm works towards that same goal. We have seven wool bred sheep; Mrs. Chubbers, Daisy, Ethel, Beulah, Sweet Pea, Anne and Charlotte. Their job is to produce wool for us to make into these beautiful wool blankets. We have three border collies who, alongside their shepherdess (hi, that's me!), help work the sheep. There is Sam, Bronte (note: the Bronte sisters Anne and Charlotte), and our newest pup addition Muir, the trainee.

We have seven laying hens and ten newbies in our youth hostel making seventeen chickens who provide us and our community with farm fresh eggs.

We are always learning and continue to take classes, read about managed intensive grazing practices and gain support from our rural community. We are very careful with this work and as a result have been able to avoid using pesticides to worm our sheep.

We are passionate about our animals and our farm, and the daily arduous work of it all gives us purpose. 

Besides our farm, we are professional cellists and teachers who also own a stringed instrument business together, Paul Perley Cellos.