Vermont Fiber Farmers

Nonconformist Farm

Nonconformist Farm

Kristin LeClair

~Preferred method of contact: 

email [email protected]

~Farm Location:

Westford, VT

Do you welcome visitors?

Yes, most days by appointment (email)


We raise a small flock of friendly East Friesian/cross sheep. I do all the fleece processing on the farm and produce handspun yarn, sometimes blended with other fiber from the community such as Alpaca, Border Leicester and Southdown Babydoll.

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Instagram: nonconformistfarm



We are a small, diversified farm in Northern VT, 

always experimenting and striving for sustainability. 

Happy to share my knowledge of shepherding basics, 

raw wool processing, hand-spinning yarn, felting, knitting and natural dyes, 

and offer these services for other small flocks.

In season, we offer fresh chicken eggs from our free-range flock. 

Handpainted egg ornaments are available any time on etsy.