Vermont Fiber Farmers

High Ridge Meadows Farm, LLC

Mary Moran

[email protected]

1800 Chelsea Mountain Road, 

East Randolph, VT 05041

   Gotland, Icelandic and their crosses

“Yarn in the Barn”

On our central Vermont farm we raise our sheep (and cattle) following organic methods. We harvest the fleece from our Gotland and Icelandic sheep twice a year for their comfort and their gorgeous fleece. Each of these breeds produces a distinctly different wool. The Icelandic is known for its dual fiber wool, 10-27 microns. The outer coat is long and coarse and weather resistant. The undercoat(thel) is baby soft. Gotland wool is a long silky fiber with a halo to it , similar to mohair, 23-37 microns. The fleece is professionally spun at a local mill as well as hand spun by me on my classic Ashford spinning wheel. This beautiful fleece produces yarn of all weights, natural and dyed colors, roving, woven items, and rugs. We also offer fiber for felting, and warm, cushy pelts to sink your toes into or toss over a chair or sofa. 

We sell a few select rams and ewes to farms wishing to start their own flock or breed stock. Whole fleeces and Gotland locks for spinners and artisans are also available. 

Two or three times a year, I offer a “Yarn in the Barn” event which showcases the products from our sheep and are available for purchase.