Vermont Fiber Farmers

Cozy Hollow Farm

Susan Stillinger

Located in Northfield, VT

Today we have expanded to a spinner's flock of breeds with diverse wool types split across our two farms. Hill House Farm + Cozy Hollow Farm is a mother-daughter venture selling homegrown wool from our happy, healthy animals. Our fiber is produced and processed in central Vermont. We started with twin Type A Merino ewes, a rare breed, in the early 2000s. 

And now also have, Border Leicester, Shetland and Shetland crosses.

Hill House Farm

Mary McCarthy

Located in Marshfield, VT

We enjoy every aspect of sheep-keeping, from the daily animal chores to knitting with our handspun yarn. The quality of our wool is a testament to the joy we take from working with our animals!

Hill House Farm provides specialty farm-fresh flowers to florists and flower lovers.