Vermont Fiber Farmers

Broadbrook Mountain Farm

Holly Nash Wolff 

 email: [email protected]

260 Nash Rd, Royalton, Vermont 05068


Visitors by appointment for fleece or breeding stock.

The farm raises Registered Purebred Romneys and sells well-skirted, clean, raw fleece, usually 5-7 lbs “show fleece,” $12 per pound. Prize-winning. Shear in March for full staple length.

Flock history: since 1965, this is a closed, small breeding flock, bred for black noses and feet, clear faces, hardy and calm dispositions, efficient in lambing, plus superior wool. Grass-fed on large pasture rotations from May-Oct., and in winter, organic hay made on the farm, very little grain (at lambing time). As a result, the fleece is ivory in color, with great crimp, strength and texture.

Lambing is in late March into April from 10-12 ewes. A few ewe lambs are kept for the farm stock, others offered for sale for breeding, or as pasture lamb.