Vermont Fiber Farmers

What is Vermont Fiber Farmers?

Vermont Fibers Farmers is a directory of Fiber Farmers in Vermont.

What do I mean by Fiber Farmers?

Fibers include but are not limited to;

Protein Fiber like wool from; 

Sheep, Alpaca, Angora (Goat & Rabbit), Camel, Bison, and even less common ones like, Dog and Cat. (Sounds odd perhaps but there are historical sites that have found Indigenous people to have raised such animals for the purpose of harvesting their fur!)

Vegetable Fibers like:

Hemp, Cotton, Flax, Milkweed, Ramie, Sisal, Bamboo and more! 

What does Vermont Fiber Farmers do?

The main goal of Vermont Fiber Farmers is to raise awareness to the many NATURAL fibers that are cultivated by Farmers in Vermont.  

The reason for this is the hope that with that awareness people can make more eco-friendly choices to support natural, sustainable and regenerative fibers instead of synthetic ones.

While doing this it is the hope that the participants of Vermont Fiber Farmers receive the attention and benefits that eco-friendly, sustainable and regenerative farmers deserve.

Vermont Fiber Farmers & was founded by and is built, maintained and paid for by Shiloh Tedrow, The Serendipitous Shepherdess. If you wish to help with this project you can; 

Email [email protected]