Vermont Fiber Farmers

Discover Fiber Farmers in Vermont who practice the timeless traditions that have provided the world with clothing & textiles for thousands of years.

High and hidden in the meadows, forests and mountains of Vermont 

you'll find them.  If you know where to look!  

Fiber Farmers in Vermont are delightful and engaging group. 

With the diverse fibers that they farm, passions for the many and different crafts that are born from the farming of those fibers and the stories of the trials and tribulations that Fiber Farming encompasses, you will be hard pressed to find a group of people so committed to doing their part to live in harmony with nature while supporting the needs and demands of a modern world.

This Website serves as a network for the curious, the experienced and the passionate to locate and contact Fiber Farmers for the sake of commerce, education and support.

I invite you to step onto the path and enjoy the journey of natural fibers, the people who cultivate them, and the vast assortment of arts that are done with the Fiber produced.

A Message to Fiber Farmers

These pages are dedicated to the people who raise animals with love and care, be it for fiber, meat milk or pelts.  All are welcome here, even if fiber is a 'byproduct' to your main goal.  You are welcome here.  This site is meant to help fiber farmers benefit from all the gifts the creatures we raise give us.

To Plant Fiber Farmers, my hope is to help you prosper, educate and thrive.  Mayhap you can even benefit from the protein fiber farmers, after all, critters generate natural fertilizer as well!

I will be adding a few other directories to these pages in the coming months including: Shearers, Veterinarians, Fiber Mills, Hand Spinner, Farm equipment rental places and the folks who do that sort of work as well, Farmers who sell or barter their manure and Farmers who sell or barter the silage left from their harvesting.

It is my heartfelt belief that we are a community, we are not competition. That we can all help each other, and in doing so thrive.  So I invite you to join Vermont Fiber Farmers, it costs nothing but a little time to answer some questions.